A Life on our Planet

A Life on our Planet
The new David Attenborough documentary "A Life on our Planet" has recently aired on Netflix and rightly so has received the attention it deserves. Attenborough is a voice that is vastly trusted within our community and thankfully at 94 years of age hasn't given up on trying to help our planet yet. Attenborough gives us guidance on what we can do to help our planet but we wanted to add a few more simple ideas. Aqua & Rock has always believed in "the power of one" and what we can do as individuals to help the bigger picture. You as an individual are more powerful than you know and can help combat the deterioration of our planet. 

1. Shopping sustainably 

Yes we are obviously biased as we founded Aqua & Rock on the basis of being sustainable from the word go. As a consumer we don't want to put our planet and future generations at risk to meet our excessive needs, when later down the line their general living needs may not be met. A vast amount of our current practises aren't sustainable and have a shelf life which poses problems for our planet in years to come. It's not always easy to shop sustainable but individuals and companies are starting to make it easier for us to be able to access sustainable products to consume. 

A new app that Aqua & Rock is a part of is called "Green Wallet". Green Wallet offers customers all sustainable or vegan products. All the brands featured on the app have been vetted by the company so you can shop sustainably at ease. A selection of luxury websites such as Net-a-Porter offer sustainably shopping and sustainable designers like Stella McCartney are constantly pushing forward the fashion industry.

2. Buying less, but buying consciously 

Instead of buying, buying, buying make sure you are conscious about what you are buying. Firstly consider if you need the product. If you still want to buy then make sure it will last you. Understandably if it only lasts you a few months and you hadn't realised at the time it's ok. However look into the fabrics, how it's made and create a conscious decision if you think it's going to give you enough wear. 

What it's made out of? Is it made from a recycled or upcycled fabric? Could you potentially recycle this product once you've finished with it so it doesn't later become waste? Has it been organically produced using non-harmful chemicals? It can take 2,700 litres of water to create a single cotton t-shirt which is absurd when we all know how hard it is to even drink 2 litres of water a day. Why not choose Tencel over cotton, the benefits and fit can be better but Tencel also a sustainable fabric. 

It may take more time to find out this information but in the long run you'll purchase a better, longer lasting product for your money.

3. Aluminium over plastic

When your out and about and quickly run into Pret don't pick up a single use plastic bottle of juice, grab a can of green tea instead. Recycling a single 330ml aluminium can save enough energy to power a TV for 3 hours. Aluminium cans when recycled can actually be back on the shelve within 6 weeks.

4. Pick recycled paper when you have the option

Sometimes we have to order booklets, business cards or diaries for work. Every ton of recycled paper saves almost 400 galloons of oil, 3 cubic yards of landfill and 17 trees. So make sure you always pick the recycled paper option and make sure you recycle all the paper you use.

5. Take the time to learn

Whether it's watching documentaries, listening to a podcast whilst on the way to work or reading a book whilst in bed. If you take the time to educate yourself on sustainable practises you can inform others too. If you have visited Aqua & Rock in the first place and read all the way down to hear, you've already taken the first steps. If you work in education or manage teams, spend time educating others as well as yourself. No one is expected to know everything about sustainability and do you know what? It's fine to get it wrong from time to time. But least you are trying.

Why not start with David Attenborough's "A Life on Our Planet" if you haven't watched it already. Attenborough is the king of soothing, relaxing voices but do expect to shed a tear at some of the footage shown.