Chrome free sustainable sneakers collection

We have produced our very own collection of sustainable sneakers! The sneakers are available in simple and stylish designs of white, black and navy but also our detailed designed "Art Trainers" that are inspired by dutch painter, Hieronymus Bosch. Each pair of sneakers is not only designed to be environmentally friendly but also can help to prevent allergic reactions against skin.

The body of the sneakers is made out of recycled leather. All of the sneakers are produced using a “Wet-White” tanning technology without the use of chromium or heavy metals that can be harmful to our bodies and the environment. This technology eliminates the use of chromates that are used in the tanning process.

Chromates are Ions that are used in chrome plating to protect metals from corrosion. Due to chromates being widely used they can now be found in soil, water, plant, food and even on our bodies. Chromates can be a reason why some of us become allergic to different fabrics such as leather. Only when chromates are released through sweating for example, does it become an issue for those allergic to them.

Our sustainable sneakers are made from chrome free leather that can help to prevent allergic reactions, help the environment but also they are great when it comes to biodegradability. The process offers natural and bright colours to the leather as well as having a pH value that is good for our skin.