Happy International Women's Day

Today we celebrate all the wonderful women that have inspired and keep the Aqua & Rock journey alive. 

Firstly we have the lady who is the reason Aqua & Rock exists today, Dea Baker. Dea Baker is the founder of Aqua & Rock and the lady that has pushed through the many curve balls that have been thrown her way. She has seen the company through the global pandemic as well as countless u-turns in production and the general running of the business. Dea puts her heart and soul into the brand and really strives to make the best possible luxury yet sustainable fashion brand on the market today. 

Here is a video that was filmed around the start of the Aqua & Rock journey.

Another lady that has inspired and supported the journey of Aqua & Rock is founder of "Products of Change", Helena Mansell-Stopher. With a 20-year career in the licensing industry across media and lifestyle brands and a wealth of knowledge across all categories and retail. Helena, who was recently Director of Licensing at National Geographic UK has been driving sustainable change for a number of years. She has successfully completed the University of Cambridge’s course in Business Sustainability Management as well as Circular Economic Business Practices from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Helena has been a solid support network for Aqua & Rock offering advice and a general guidance throughout its journey so far.

Angela Quaintrell, founder of AQ Market is another woman we would like to celebrate today. She has over 30 years experience in high fashion retail. Quaintrell was the head buyer at luxury department store Liberty for fourteen years and was one of the first to buy McQueen at the earlier stages of his career. She currently works with young designers and growing fashion companies to develop their business models and selling strategies, working with LCF in London and Dubai and with the CFE in London and Jakarta. Angela has been extremely positive in supporting the developments in Aqua & Rock inviting the brand to be part of AQ Market. Angela sees great skill and potential in new designers along with Aqua & Rock's sustainable message. 

Yomi Adegoke is a British journalist and co-author of the 2018 book "Slay In Your Lane". Yomi who writes about race, feminism, popular culture and how they intersect, as well as class and politics. We've found Yomi's writing not only interesting but extremely informative. Yomi's book "Slay in your Lane" was described as a guide to life for a generation of black women. The book covers work, education, money, dating and health, as well as the media representation of black women. The book was then followed by a popular podcast started back in April 2020 covering topics such as Black Lives Matter, the influencer pay gap, how they wrote the book along with a collection of interviews. Yomi has taught us a lot from her own experiences and the experiences of others about race, feminism and how we can help equality today. 

We'd like to end with celebrating all the ladies that use their platform or voice to spread the message of sustainability. Hollywood a-listers such as Gwyneth Paltrow giving thousands a website (www.goop.com/uk), YouTube and podcast they can go to to learn about shopping sustainable and eco friendly products. 

Emma Watson for creating a stand alone instagram account detailing her sustainable high end fashion journey. Emma uploads posts of her outfits she's worn detailing the designer or brand and what makes the pieces sustainable or eco friendly. https://www.instagram.com/the_press_tour/

If there are any influential or inspiring women who you feel we should know about please email us at info@aqua-rock.com, we'd love to connect with more inspiring women within the industry.