The fashion industry of 2020 is a little different to what we thought it would be

A long with the rest of the economy, the fashion industry have been hit hard by the Corvid-19 crisis. Mixtures of brands have taken it upon themselves to be leaders in the crisis and really pathe the way for others to follow.

From a small independent fashion brand to larger brands such a Patagonia it shows that everyone can really make a difference if they try. We look to our brands that are sustainable or have a mindful message to show us the way forward in the fashion industry of 2020. 

Dea Baker, founder of Aqua Rock has now become ambassador for movement “Remake our world”. The campaign is growing through the UK via, through the Netherlands and Germany and

 Small ethical brands across Europe are coming together to start doing business differently by supporting each other, sharing resources and partnering up. Aqua Rock has recently partnered with sustainable footwear company Ocean Refresh UK to help share resources, support and business advice.

A different time is approaching for the fashion industry in 2020 then we expected. With China going back into production larger retailers are starting to send vast amount of orders to these factories. Aqua Rock is a British brand manufacturing in the UK and Europe therefore not effected by the China supply chain.

Do you feel your brand has a similar message? Do you feel that your brand should be developing to become sustainable? Or would you like some support with resourcing future products within the UK and Europe?

If you answer any of the above is yes then join the campaign by emailing


Stay safe, stay sustainable.

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