Trivo Blend

Aqua & Rock's own sustainable fabric "Trivo Blend" is made up of 40% recycled wool, 30% pes (recycled clothing) 20% pa and 10% recycled viscose.  Viscose is a product of wood pulp that is commonly used as a substitute for silk. The wood pulp that we use to create our Viscose is made from recycled wood sourced as a by-product from industrial waste. We take the wood from wood pallets that are used for shipping and turn these into our Viscose. 
The production of "virgin" wool is land and water intensive for the grazing sheep. This is then followed by a long process that requires a lot of energy, water and chemicals to turn this wool into a piece of clothing. Recycled wool however has already gone through this process which doesn't need to happen again. 
Recycled wool also has relatively low impact in its process. The wool goes through a process to sort it into colours by selecting and blending similar colours. This means that the wool doesn't need to be dyed again resulting in saving water and not using any new dyes.