What is The Aqua & Rock Trade-In?

We are reaching out to let you know of some very exciting news that has been going on at Aqua and Rock!
Fashion trends don’t last forever and as seasons change so do the current trends leading to a disinterest in clothes that were purchased just months before. This has led to a throwaway culture that even top-end brands are doing little to urge customers away from.
Extending the life of our clothes is one of the best ways to reduce their impact on the planet. Now, with the help of our friends at Tern, you will be able to trade in any old Aqua & Rock garments in return for store credit. This will ensure your old clothes don’t go collecting dust in the closet or adding to a landfill!
Instead your Aqua & Rock product will re-join our bio-circular brand. We strive to make use of every part that went into the original piece of clothing so we can guarantee nothing will be wasted.
This is a new initiative  we are really excited about exploring so thank you for being a part of it.

The amount of credit we offer for each item is shown on the trade in pages but as a guide we will offer a discount code of the following values:

All products can be traded in

Leather 20%

Silks 15%

Knitwear 15%

Shoes 15%

How much does it cost to send back?

Postage to return the products is a flat fee of £5 of which Aqua & Rock will cover half the cost.

What do you do with the product?

The returned clothing will not go to waste. We make sure every garment we create and every trainer we craft can be either composted, recycled or is biodegradable. 


More questions?

Please see here  for the current FAQs.


Start your trade-in here.